The Innovators Nomination Form

ADC will be highlighting up to six innovative projects from around the country that showcase state-of-the-art approaches defense communities are using to support local installations and military families, sustain military missions and promote defense-based economic development. Projects selected to be part of The Innovators program will be featured at the Installation Innovation Forum 2018 through:

  • A concurrent session dedicated to the project
  • Participation of project leads in a general session
  • A special ADC publication

The Installation Innovation Forum 2018 will be held February 12-14, 2018 in San Diego.

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Eligibility and Criteria

ADC will be accepting nominations for the Innovators through Sept. 8. You must be an ADC member in good standing to nominate a project. We are looking for projects and initiatives that stand out and meet the following criteria. Specifically, they should be:

  • Demonstrate new or different approaches. The initiative cannot have been the focus of a previous ADC conference session.
  • Proven successful in demonstrating a positive impact on military value (or show promise if they were implemented very recently)
  • Initiative must be concrete and replicable, something ADC members, or at least a segment of defense communities, can implement
  • Initiatives in which the final product is a report, with some exceptions, will not qualify


Categories encompass the broad universe of activities communities undertake to support local installations, their missions, service members and military families. Categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Installation/mission support (municipal services; morale, welfare and recreation services; community-installation partnerships; emergency planning/mutual aid agreements; state/local support for infrastructure projects, security)
  • Land use planning (encroachment, habitat/species protection, joint land use studies)
  • Energy/water resources (development of renewable energy, ESPCs, water supply, conservation and recycling, climate change adaptation)
  • Economic development (defense industry adjustment, workforce planning)
  • Support for military quality of life
  • Real property management (enhanced use leasing, excess facilities)

Selection Process

Nominations will be judged using a two-step process by a special committee made up of ADC staff and members. After reviewing all nominations, the committee will select the best candidates for further review. The committee will request further information from projects that advance to the second stage before determining a final list of up to six projects for The Innovators program.

Other Details

Teams selected for The Innovators program must agree to:

  • Participate in a general session and lead a concurrent session on their project at IIF 2018
  • Provide information about their project and be available for interviews needed for ADC to produce a special report on The Innovators

What projects were featured in the 2017 Innovators program?

Read the 2017 Innovators report 

Innovators Nomination Form

How to Use This Form

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If you have any questions about nominating a project for The Innovators program, please contact Dan Cohen at

  • Nominator Information

  • Project Information

  • Descriptions should include:
    1. 1. Timeline (project inception, current status of project, etc.)
    2. 2. Names of organizations/agencies involved
    3. 3. Project goal(s)
    4. 4. Project outcomes
    5. 5. Funding amounts/sources (if applicable)
  • By submitting a nomination, you are committing to be involved in the program and activities described below (which are subject to change):
    • -Consent to be featured in a special ADC publication highlighting your project
    • -Participation of project leads in a general session and concurrent session at the Installation Innovation Forum taking place from Feb 12-14, 2018 at the Westin San Diego, San Diego California
    • -Provide assistance to ADC in gathering documents, interviews, and information about the project

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